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My Goal is to combine Art with the preservation of Nature.   I want to give a voice to the part of nature that cannot speak.  Pure color and three dimensional form portray the feeling and beauty of the wild in my work. It is my hope that this will be an inspiration for the appreciation and preservation of Nature.


In reference to the Animal Galleries:   I love animals.  I want you to know these animals like I have known them. 

We fear what we do not understand.

We understand what we learn to know.

We love what we know and appreciate.

When we are not afraid then we can love.


In reference to the Landscape galleries:  I want you to know the feeling of these places.    They are alive.


When people first find out I am an artist they always say, "how fun", or "what a nice job".  Being an artist is a wonderful and painful thing.  Most artists have times when they ask themselves "Why do I do this".  I thank my Mentor Mitch Billis for reminding me that "We are here to create beauty".  There is enough ugliness in the world.



Many thanks to our son Sebastian.  Without his creative and technical abilities and support this website would not exist.

Many thanks to my husband Matthias for sharing my passion for animals and nature.

This website and my artwork are dedicated to Terry.


Jacklyn Gratzfeld


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