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On November 23rd, 2017 my studio in Albersweiler was officially opened for visitors.  20 to 30 current works and my studio are available to view.  For an appointment call 0173 2522 455.


Am 23. November 2017 wurde mein Studio in Albersweiler eröffnet.  20 bis 30 aktuelle Arbeite und das Studio sind zu besichtigen.  For an appointment call 0173 2522 455.





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New Blog


You can view many of my  newest works and follow my newest, projects now on facebook at





Painted 3D Objects


3D painted objects are a new and wonderful form of expression for me.   The newest object entitled Singiphant has been completed in December of 2016.  It is currently available in Europe or Asia, and can be viewed here in the Bird and Butterfly gallery.




I have designed the object and three of them have been built to my specifications.  The inspiration came from my admiration of a number of Singaporeans who are trying to help nature thrive in this vibrant city.  It began when Mr. Jit-Leang Foo from Seletar Country Club planted a wildflower garden on the grounds of the golf course there along side the lovely landscaping already present.  Butterflies, birds, and many other new species now visit Seletar and contribute to its vitality.  This project was extended to include support for introduction of other butterfly wildflower gardens in Singapore and children`s education projects.  Parallel to this the Singapore Nature Society had a competition where citizens and permant residents could vote for the national butterfly.  The winner, and the five runners up are portrayed on the Singiphant together with three iconic Singaporean symbols:  Marina Bay Sands, the Singapore Flyer and the Merlion.


Here is a link to the Seletar Nature Garden facebook page:






 The garden is open to the general public.




Büffel Art Project  



The Buffel Art Exhibition was executed at Ion Art Gallery on Orchard Road in Singapore.   It has been sold.


Butterflies are a very important symbol throughout my work.


Here is the background behind the inspiration for this work entitled "Butterflies of Singapore: Metamorphosis"


I am privileged to know a wonderful and intelligent young man who was a special needs child.  After attending a Waldorf forest Kindergarten in Germany he excelled in a special needs school until grade 10.   He has three siblings without special needs and they were all treated equally.  He and his twin brother are my son`s best friends and I closely observed his transformation.

As a teenager he rode an extremely large tri-cycle.  He took his brother`s two wheeler and practiced riding it.  I saw him fall again and again.  Finally he could ride a normal bicycle.  In grade 11 he changed to a normal school.  After graduating he spent a year in Australia as an Au- Pair in a family responsible for four children.  He traveled alone throughout Asia and is currently applying for apprenticeships in Europe and Asia.

I am sure he will succeed.



Jacklyn Gratzfeld


 41 professional artists in Singapore (including Jacklyn) have been enlisted to paint small lovely statues for indoors using any inspiration they see fit.  The results are breathtaking. 


The 41 statues (front displays at the exhibition) are being exhibited at ION Art Gallery in Singapore from 
20 June 2014, Friday – 29 June 2014, Sunday 



Final Private Silent Auction:  Ion Art Gallery, Friday 27th of June



Digital Auction Link:  http://buffelart.braunbuffel-asiapac.com/buffelart/the-auction-gallery.html

The digital auction takes place from now until the 27th of June.  You can bid online!  Special packaging has been developed for shipment of the sculptures to overseas customers.

Enlisting the help of benefactors from the world of artists, VIPs and personalities from stage and screen through Jada Art and Maya Gallery, we plan to raise funds for, in the case of Singapore 2014: Very Special Arts Singapore (VSA Singapore) charity organization. 

Centering around scale figurines of our brand's logo; the Braun Büffel bull, benefactors apply their imaginations and artistic flair in embellishing and personalizing these figurines in any way they feel inspired to do so. 

"Happy to be a part of this project! It will benefit the Very Special Arts Singapore (VSA Singapore) charity organization, bringing the ability to express themselves through art to children and people with special needs.  I will be posting the details of my work as soon as the auction begins on May 10th."



Büffel Art Auction-Artist Feature: 

Jacklyn Gratzfeld

"My goal is to combine Art with the preservation of nature" - Jacklyn an American artist from Maya Gallery Singapore

Jacklyn has participated in numerous solo and group exhibits and competitions in the U.S., France and in Germany before moving to Singapore in 2012, where she lives with her husband Matthias and son Sebastian.

She works mainly in oil, pastel and acrylic and her main subject matter is found in nature. Travelling extensively, Jacklyn gathers inspiration for her artwork from National Parks and animal conservation projects. 

She started focusing on creating art supporting the preservation of nature in Southeast Asia and in 2013, Jacklyn established the Singapore based company Art is Wild. Art is Wild is responsible for the exhibition and sale of Jacklyn`s Art and for various projects supporting nature conservation and animal rights projects.

With a deep passion for the nature and wildlife, you may have guessed what's her take on the Büffel figurine! Look out for it at the Büffel Art Auction Gallery, going live on 10 May, 2014!

For more details about the online auction, please visit: